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UV-C Portable Germicidal Handheld Disinfecting Lamp

This band of ultraviolet light can penetrate biological cell membranes and cell nuclei, destroy DNA, and kill various germs such as bacteria in a short time.

1. Intelligent Timing, 180S Automatic Power OFF.
2. 99.99% Strong Sterilization.
3. Wave for 5 times, quick disinfection.
4. Small and Portable.
5. Lamp life expectancy hour of over 10,000 hours !

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PRODKEY™ - Antiviral/Antimicrobial High-Quality Brass Hand Tool

Open Doors, Press Buttons & Pull Levers Without Actually Touching Them with This Ergonomic, Antimicrobial Hand Tool. it is easy for consumers to.

1. Reducing Contact to High Risk Surfaces.
2. Touchscreen Sensitive.
3. 70% + Copper Content Alloy.
4. Ergonomic.
5. Added Functions. (Bottle Opener!)

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